Death Valley’s Lost ’49ers

Jefferson Hunt’s Mojave San Joaquin Company, a wagon train made up of anxious gold seekers and settlers frustrated by a late start across the desert in late 1849 join with Captain Hunt to be guided across the Mojave Desert along the new southern route. Tensions rise with a wrong venture into the Escalante Desert and at a point east of Enterprise, and north of Mountain Meadows, Utah, anarchy ensues and the train breaks up into two factions; those who will become lost and those who will go on as planned. Of the 107 wagons in this once large party, only seven wagons remain.

Furnace Creek, Death Valley National Park

On December 22, 1849, the ‘Mojave Sand-walking Company,’ as it became known, arrived in San Bernardino, California. At the same time the remaining ‘Lost ’49ers,’ about one-quarter of those who broke away originally, were entering the desolate Death Valley and would be celebrating Christmas Day near what we know as Furnace Creek.

Death Valley in 1849

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Afton Canyon

Ivanpah Dry Lake

Red Mountain

Red Mountain

Bell Mountain, Apple Valley, Ca. — Corporate Campus

Summit Valley, Hesperia, Ca.

Inyo Mine, Echo Canyon, Death Valley

Furnace Creek Wash, Death Valley

Badwater Spring, Death Valley

We all need a place to watch the world spin . . .
Needles Eye, Echo Canyon, Death Valley

Furnace Creek, Death Valley National Park

Devil’s Playground, Soda Lake, Mojave National Preserve

Joshua Tree National Park

Providence Mountains, Mojave National Preserve

Sunrise Bungalow, Mojave Preserve

Soda Lake, Pacific Coast Soda Company 

Winterkind, Inspiration Point, San Gabriel National Monument

San Bernardino National Forest2/2010

Marl Springs, Mojave National Preserve, Mojave Road

Marl Spring, Mojave National Preserve

Last Chance Spring, Last Chance Canyon, El Paso Mountains, Cudahy ghost town, Lost 49ers

Last Chance Spring – 2010

Lava Field, Amboy Crater – 2008

Bell Mountain Summit, Apple Valley, Ca. – 1/2004

Saratoga Springs, Death Valley National Park

Bell Mountain, Apple Valley, Victor Valley, Ca. 2011