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Points of Interest

Gold Mines, Ghost Towns & the Rest

There is only one reason why desert ghost towns exist; the absence of money. If money isn't there, there is no reason for people to stay. In areas where good-tasting water is readily available, contemporary communities have developed. In the Mojave, these population centers evolved from springs along trails and later roads into transportation waystations and hubs, sometimes concealing or obscuring historical consequences.

Amboy -- Arbuckle Mine -- Atolia

Bagdad-Chase -- Ballarat -- Bickel Camp -- Bodie -- Bonanza King Mine -- Bonanza King Mill

Cadiz Summit -- Calico Ghost Town -- Caliente -- Cartago -- Cerro Gordo -- Chloride, Az -- Chloride Cliff -- Chrysopolis -- Cima -- Coolgardie -- Cudahy

Darwin -- Death Valley Mine -- Death Valley Mine* -- Desert Queen Mine -- Dolomite -- Dublin Gulch

Eagle Cliff Mine -- Essex -- Eureka Mine -- Evening Star Mine

Garlock -- Garvanza Mine* -- Goffs -- Goldfield, Nevada -- Gold Hammer Mine -- Gold Mountain -- Goldstone -- Goldstone* -- Gold Valley* -- Goler Gulch -- Goodsprings, Nevada -- Greenwater -- Greenwater*

Harrisburg -- Hart

Ibex -- Ivanpah


Keane Wonder -- Keeler Smelter -- Kewanee - Sunnyside* -- Kokoweef -- Keeler -- Kelso

La Paz, Az -- Leadfield -- Llano del Rio -- Lippencott Lead Mine -- Lost Burro Mine -- Lost Horse Mine -- Ludlow

Manvel -- Mastodon Mine -- Mescal Mine -- Mohawk Mine -- Moorehouse Mine -- Moorten's Mill -- Morning Star

Nantan* -- Nelson, Nv. -- New Dale Ghost Town -- Nipton

Oatman Arizona -- OK Mine -- Old Dale Ghost Town -- Old Dominion Mine -- Old Dutch Cleanser Mine --

Panamint City -- Providence -- Providence -- Providence Mountains*

Ragtown -- Randsburg -- Red Mountain -- Rhyolite -- Rice -- Rosalie* -- Rosalie/Valley Wells -- Ruth Mine -- Ryan*

Searchlight -- Sextette Mine -- Shoshone -- Silver Bell (Barstow) -- Silver Bell Mine (JTNP) -- Skidoo -- Skidoo Mill -- Standard Mine #1 -- Stedman/Bagdad-Chase -- Swansea

Techatticup -- Tecopa 20th Century* -- Toegel City -- Tonopah, Nevada -- Tropico

Vanderbuilt -- Virginia Dale -- Vontrigger


Boomtown Characteristics

Not all of the sites and points of interest on this list are ghost towns per se or abandoned. Still, they may be active communities undermined by the loss of industry or commerce.


Many mines and ghosttown ruins have become active under private ownership. DO NOT TRESPASS! Obtain permission from the property owner before entering any private property for any activity.

Death Valley Ghost Towns

East Mojave Ghost Towns

East Mojave

Upper Mojave Ghost Towns

Ore Processing

Mining History

Desert Fever



Intro:: Nature:: Map:: Points of Interest:: Roads & Trails:: People & History:: Ghosts & Gold:: Communities:: BLOG:: Weather:: :?:: glossary
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