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The Whole Mojave

Site Information

Please note: This is not an attempt at a scholarly presentation. I am just some guy that likes the Mojave Desert. I believe these pages are a way to casually explore the desert and maybe find something of interest that will provide a springboard into further, more detailed research.

Containing materials relevant to the Mojave Desert and select adjacent areas. Articles have been selected from various public domain sources as well as by permission from contributing authors. Some brief introductions and vignettes have been written by me. Most photos on the site have been made by me over the last 25 or so years of building this website. Some photos (especially of wildlife) were taken by others and appear here with their permission. Historical photography is credited with the creative source, captioned and dated when possible. Some of these photographs have been colorized. Maps displayed on this site are also from a variety of sources. Many of the maps have been drawn by me over a variety of U.S.G.S. basemaps.

This site is roughly organized as follows:

Description (The Whole Mojave)

    - Water
    - Geology
      -- Geomorphic Provinces
      -- Landforms
    - Wildlife
    - Plants
Maps (Geography)
    - Mojave Desert
      -- Ecosubsections
      -- Wilderness
      -- Transportation
      -- Regional
    - Points of Interest
    - Thematic
      -- Parks & Wildlands
        --- Wilderness
        --- National Parks
        --- State Parks
        --- County Parks
      -- Ranches
      -- Water
      -- Mines
      -- Ghost Towns
Roads, Trails
    - Foot Paths
    - Mule Trails
    - Wagon Roads
      -- Old Spanish Trail
      -- Beale's Wagon Road
      -- Mojave Road
    - Early Road Networks
    - Arrowhead Trail
    - National Roads
      -- National Old Trails
      -- Route 66
    - Highways & Freeways

People & History
    - People of Note
    - Native Cultures
    - Explorers
    - Pioneers
    - 19th Century Military
    - Literature


PDF Library
    - Transportation
    - People
    - Nature
    - Indigenous Culture
    - History
    - Geology
    - Geography
    - Miscellaneous Articles

Italicized links in the content section of the page open a new window.

This site is designed with Rabbit Holes. Go in one, come out another, check things out while you are in between.

These pages attempt to virtually model select portions of the Mojave Desert according to interests.

Some pages and posts are adapted from AI engines

Colorized photos marked Wallflower Collection are a product of Walter Feller

Intro:: Nature:: Map:: Points of Interest:: Roads & Trails:: People & History:: Ghosts & Gold:: Communities:: BLOG:: Weather:: :?:: glossary
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These items are historical in scope and are intended for educational purposes only; they are not meant as an aid for travel planning.
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