Shea’s Castle


“Shea Desert Castle Sold,” Los Angeles Times, 25 Mar 1935 (colorized)

Richard Peter Shea built Shea’s Castle in 1924, also known as Sky Castle or Castle Ranch.

1929’s stock market crash bankrupted Shea. Shea’s wife died, the bank took over the castle, and Shea committed suicide.

Over the years, the property has changed hands and been used as a filming location.

Trigger, Roy Rogers’ horse, was trained on the property.

It is now a private residence.

The massive granite structure, built by R. P. Shea, was sold to three Beverly Hills women in 1935. The “castle” boasts many unique design elements that remain untouched after the purchase.
This photograph appears with the article, “Shea Desert Castle Sold,” Los Angeles Times, 25 Mar 1935: 19.CAPTIONText from negative sleeve: Shae’s [sic] Castle nitrates

Handwritten on negative: Shae’s [sic] Castle 3-16-35
Text from newspaper caption: “Dream Home” in Mojave Desert Passes Into New Hands; A massive granite structure in the Mojave Desert, built ten years ago as a “dream home” of R. P. Shea, yesterday, passed into the hands of new owners. So incongruous is its setting that many believe they are beholding a mirage when they see the $175,000 castle.