Route 66 – Bottle Tree Ranch


Elmer Long’s Bottle Tree Ranch is a unique outdoor art gallery on the historic Route 66 in Helendale, California. This folk art installation is a fascinating example of American roadside culture and creativity. Elmer Long began creating his Bottle Tree Ranch in the early 2000s, using bottles collected from his childhood adventures in the desert with his father. The ranch features hundreds of metal trees adorned with thousands of glass bottles and various found objects and antiques, creating a colorful and whimsical landscape.

Visitors to the Bottle Tree Ranch can wander through the forest of bottle trees, each clinking and clattering in the wind, creating a serene yet eerie musical symphony. The installation is not just a display of recycled art; it’s a personal history and homage to the spirit of exploration and beauty in discarded items. Each tree and item on the ranch tells a story, making it a poignant stop on the journey along Route 66.

Elmer Long’s Bottle Tree Ranch is a testament to the artist’s creativity and dedication to transforming everyday objects into something magical. It’s a must-see for travelers interested in folk art, Americana, and the history of Route 66. The ranch provides a unique photo opportunity and a chance to experience one of the most iconic and imaginative roadside attractions in the United States.