Boy in a Box

The “Boy in the Box” incident occurred in 1969 at Solar Ranch near Vidal, California. This case involved a six-year-old boy named Anthony Saul Gibbons, who was found sitting inside a six-foot by six-foot box with a chain padlocked to his left leg and attached to a heavy metal plate. This incident was connected to the Solar Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis, a magical organization established in 1965 in California. The lodge owned several businesses in Vidal, including a gas station with a cafe, motel, bar, house, and grocery store​​​​​​.

The case became infamous when it was revealed that the boy was mistreated by members of the lodge, leading to charges of child endangerment. It was alleged that the boy had been chained inside the box for 56 days; however, it was later clarified that he was only in the box for 10 hours. To avoid prosecution, several officers of the lodge fled California​.