Ice skate jumping at Big Pines Recreation Camp, 1929

Photograph of ice skate jumping at Big Pines Recreation Camp, 1929. Five barrels labeled “Big Pines Skating Club” are stacked on their sides on the ice at the center. A skater in dark clothing and a lightly-colored hat is mid-jump over the barrels. ┬áTall evergreen trees stand in the background.;

“In 1923, Los Angeles County established a major recreational facility at Big Pines, an all-year resort that included winter and summer sports. Big Pines Recreation Camp (elevation 6,862 feet) had cabins, a dining room, a fountain, and a store. Many buildings still stand (notably one of the two stone towers that once supported a pedestrian overpass across Highway 2, west of Wrightwood). Now administered by the U.S. Forest Service, Big Pines is a popular recreation area encompassing three ski resorts, several campgrounds, and Jackson Lake.”

Title: Ice skate jumping at Big Pines Recreation Camp, 1929
Date: 1929
Collection: California Historical Society Collection, 1860-1960
Owning Institution: California Historical Society
Source: Calisphere
Date of access: May 19 2024 16:16

Big Pines Recreation Area

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Wrightwood California

Jackson Lake