About Chris Kasten

My sense of home in the Big Santa Anita Canyon began in 1974 when I was 12 years old. Within 24 hours of first seeing the place during a family picnic on a hot June day, I was on my first backpack trip to Hoegees with a friend of the same age. My curiosity and … Continue reading “About Chris Kasten”

Snowshoe Wrightwood’s Table Mountain

FEBRUARY 20, 2019 BY CHRIS KASTEN Joanie and I got out for a great afternoon of snowshoeing up on Wrightwood’s Table Mountain about a week and a half ago.   Since then,  more storms have dropped even more of the precious powder on our local mountains.   Whether you like to cross-country ski or snowshoe, it’s a … Continue reading “Snowshoe Wrightwood’s Table Mountain”

Wrightwood’s Heath Creek – Quiet Portal into Forest Trees

MARCH 14, 2019 BY CHRIS KASTEN Hike Details for   –    WRIGHTWOOD’S HEATH CREEK Distance and elevation gain / loss:  Approximately one mile (one way) with 400′ of elevation gain. Follow the gated dirt road that runs atop levee on north side of Heath Creek stream bed. Hike begins on Thrush Rd, just east of the … Continue reading “Wrightwood’s Heath Creek – Quiet Portal into Forest Trees”

Douglas Wallflowers in Blossom

MARCH 29, 2020 BY CHRIS KASTEN Here’s a Douglas Wallflower alongside the Upper Falls Trail, as seen this last Monday while hiking up the Big Santa Anita Canyon under cloudy skies.   Our series of much-needed rain storms have brought back thick green grasses and the start to what’ll most likely be a colorful Spring of other … Continue reading “Douglas Wallflowers in Blossom”

Dawson Saddle Trail

Hike the Dawson Saddle Trail for Cooler Temps AUGUST 19, 2020 BY CHRIS KASTEN Hike the Dawson Saddle Trail for cooler temps and beautiful views of canyons and desert.  A few days ago, Joanie and I drove up to Dawson Saddle for a late afternoon hike.  Located approximately 13 miles west of Wrightwood, Dawson Saddle is the … Continue reading “Dawson Saddle Trail”

Blue Ridge Trail Hike

/wrightwood-ca/ AUGUST 19, 2020 BY CHRIS KASTEN Wrightwood’s Blue Ridge Trail hike, located just three miles west of this scenic mountain village, is a good place to get some shade and maybe even a little cooler weather, this time of year.   The trail runs between Big Pines and Blue Ridge Campground, traversing richly forested mountainsides.  Total … Continue reading “Blue Ridge Trail Hike”

Hike Mount Baldy to Wrightwood – North Backbone Trail

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 BY CHRIS KASTEN Hike Mount Baldy to Wrightwood via the North Backbone Trail.  This trip takes you from south to north, traversing the San Gabriel mountains eastern high country.   The terrain is high and dry, passing amongst wind bent pines, colorful outcroppings of rock, and views in all directions while taking you through … Continue reading “Hike Mount Baldy to Wrightwood – North Backbone Trail”