Juniper Flats

There are 101,272 acres of mixed-use land in Juniper Flats, both public and private. Juniper Flats, located between the Mojave Desert and the forests of the San Bernardino Mountains, is home to a unique mixture of plants from both environments. Many species of wildlife are attracted to its streams and wetlands. Beautiful views and a diverse landscape make Juniper Flats a favorite recreation destination all year long.

Juniper Flats is a fascinating area between the Mojave Desert and the San Bernardino National Forest in Southern California. It’s a unique ecosystem where the arid desert landscape meets the more temperate and forested environment of the mountains.

The Mojave Desert is known for its iconic Joshua trees, vast expanses of sand, and unique flora and fauna adapted to harsh desert conditions. On the other hand, the San Bernardino National Forest offers a stark contrast with its dense pine forests, mountainous terrain, and cooler climate.

Juniper Flats serves as a transition zone between these two distinct environments. Here, you might find juniper trees, sagebrush, yuccas, and other plants that thrive in desert and semi-arid conditions. Wildlife in this area includes desert species like jackrabbits, desert tortoises, and various reptiles, as well as mountain creatures like deer, mountain lions, and black bears.

The recreational opportunities in Juniper Flats are diverse, ranging from hiking and camping to off-roading and wildlife watching. It’s a place where you can experience the beauty and contrasts of Southern California’s natural landscapes in one location.