Room 8

The Mystery of Room 8 . . .

Room 8 – Kelso Depot

The waitresses of Kelso Depot were disappearing from their quarters in Room 8. One by one, at some time during the dark of night, these young ladies would vanish without a trace or clue as to whatever may have happened to these delicate, polite, and refined maidens.

Upper floor on the left; Room 8

Many felt it was a curse, that possibly the Kelso Depot was built on sacred ground, but there was never a shred of proof that there was either a graveyard or spell over this piece of the desert country.

New girls, fresh waitresses would be brought in to fill the void left by these temporal spirits who would remain in the employ of the Union Pacific until their inevitable disappearance.

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This went on long enough that a definite pattern was observed and the mystery solved:

The single women that worked here would become so lonely during their time that they would escape in the dark of night with the first gentleman who would elope with her, and take her out of the desert.

At least that’s what I heard happened but you never really know, do you?

Kelso Depot

Kelso, California

Mojave National Preserve

Union Pacific Railroad