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Indian Wells Valley
Ridgecrest, Ca

El Paso Mountains

Map of the El Paso Mountains in the Mojave Desert including location of Garlock fault
Area Description:

The roads and trails of the El Paso Mountains will lead you into a region known for its dazzling multi-hued canyons, historic mining areas and primitive desert landscapes. The El Pasos offer great opportunities for exploring with a sport utility vehicle, dual sport motorcycle, mountain bike, on horseback or on foot.

NOTICE - Motorized use is permitted only on routes signed "OPEN." Any route that does not have an "OPEN" sign is not legal for motorized use. Motorized use of any closed route will result in a fine or criminal prosecution.

Access: To start with you will need a copy of the BLM Desert Access Guides for Cuddeback Lake and Ridgecrest. A high clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle equipped with desert survival gear is essential.

From the southwest, use SR 14 to the Red Rock-Inyokern Road approximately 3 miles north of the Red Rock State Park. Follow this graded dirt road north to Hart Road, and continue into the heart of the El Pasos by traveling east. This is a great way to get to Last Chance Canyon and experience some of the signed depression era mining sites.

From the south try the Mesquite Canyon Road (EP 100). To reach this road, turn right from SR 14 onto the Red Rock-Randsburg Road/Garlock Road which is located approximately 10-11 miles east, turn left on to EP 100 or Mesquite Canyon Road.

From the north travel west from the intersection of US 395 and "Old 395" approximately 3.5 miles to EP 18, a paved road leading to a large sand and gravel pit. At approximately 1.5 miles, this road turns into a rough dirt road and is popular with mountain bikers, jeepers and equestrians.

This area also includes the El Paso Wilderness Area. Please obey the signs and do not travel by mechanized or motorized vehicles into the wilderness.

Services: Food and fuel are available in Ridgecrest. The nearest medical facilities are located in Ridgecrest at the Ridgecrest Regional Hospital, Telephone 760-446-3551.

Additional Information: The BLM encourages all recreationists and travelers exploring public lands, not only within southern California but throughout the west to use a propylene glycol based antifreeze/coolant in their touring and recreation vehicles. Proven safer, it will have minimal impacts on both the wildlife and the environment should a leak occur. Please help protect the desert wildlife. . . and their fragile desert environment!

The El Paso Mountains are home to the desert tortoise, collecting tortoises is prohibited. Please avoid handling or disturbing these desert creatures.

There are many historic and prehistoric features and artifacts in the area, which are protected by law. Do not collect or otherwise damage these relics of our heritage. Source - BLM

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El Paso Mountain Range

Goller Gulch mine tunnel

Burro Schmidt Cabin

Burro Schmidt Tunnel

Holly Mine

ecology: wildlife - plants - geography: regions - places - MAPS - roads & trails: route 66 - communities - old west - glossary - comments
ghost towns & gold mines - mining - parks & public lands: wilderness - history - native culture - military - geology: natural features -
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