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Gold: - Mojave Desert

Mojave Desert Mines & Mills

Including gold mines, silver mines, and various other metals and minerals ...


In 1912 Germans came to the area looking for scheelite ore, the ore tungsten ...

Arbuckle Mine

A magnesite (magnesium) mine high up on the side of the cliff in Afton Canyon. ...

Bonanza King Mine

The Bonanza King Mine in the Mojave Preserve is located just to the north of ...

Bonanza King Mill

Cerro Gordo

The "fat hill" produced silver, lead and zinc for a century. At its peak over ...

Death Valley Mine

Originally called Dawson Camp, the Death Valley Gold Milling and Mining Company first ...

Desert Queen Mine

After somewhat dubious beginings, the Desert Queen Mine became one of the ...

Eagle Cliff Mine

Joshua Tree National Park

Eureka Mine

Panamint Mountains, Death Valley NP

Evening Star Mine

The Evening Star mine was in production between 1939 and 1944 and was ...

Gold Hammer Mine

The Gold Hammer, in the southern most part of the Mojave Preserve, appears to ...

Gold Mountain

Keane Wonder

Keeler Smelter

These ruins east of Keeler are of a "reverberating" smelter. Smelters were used ...


Lester Dale Mine

Lippencott Lead Mine

Lost Burro Mine

Lost Horse Mine

An exception is the Lost Horse Mine, which produced 10,000 ounces of gold and ...

Mastodon Mine

The ore from the original mine shaft at the base of Mastodon Peak produced ...

Moorehouse Mine

OK Mine

The OK and Supply mines were top producers starting up about 1899 providing ...

Old Dominion Mine

Copper and some gold were dug out of the Old Dominion mine. The view of ...

Old Dutch Cleanser Mine

Ruth Mine

In 1899, Doug Graham and Smiley Jones found some gold float in the canyon, followed it ...

Silver Bell (Barstow)

Silver Bell Mine

Clearly visible in the eastern Hexie Mountains about .75 mile from the Pinto Basin Road west of the cholla cactus ...




Virginia Dale

The Virginia Dale Mine dates to the early 1880s and little is known of its ...

Wall Street Mill

Bill Keys operated the Wall Street mill, which was originally owned by ...

Winona Mill

Milling operation ruins near Cottonwood Springs


Many mines and ghosttown ruins have become active under private ownership. DO NOT TRESPASS! Obtain permission from the property owner before entering any private property for any activity.

Ore Processing

Mining History

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