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Randsburg, Ca.

C.W. Tucker Photograph Collection

These photos were found at the bottom of a mine in the Mojave Desert in the 1950s by amateur prospector William Young as documented by a series of articles in Westways Magazine in 1971 and 1972. Not a great deal is known about C. W. Tucker's early days in photography. He was born in Indiana on September 22, 1874 and in 1893 he became a photographer's apprentice in Warsaw, Indiana. In 1895 he came to San Jose, California to visit a cousin and ended up staying in California and working as a photographer until his death in 1964. Tucker settled in the rough mining camp of Randsburg around 1896 and remained there until about 1898. During that time he met and married Grace Doughty and she worked as his assistant from thereafter. In the early 1900s the Tuckers moved to Covina, California where they ran a photography studio until 1950. Tucker could not have avoided being affected by the raw energy of the mining camp at Randsburg and his keen photographer's eye fortunately chronicled its rise from a tent city to a small but booming mining town. His images are possibly the only photographic record extant of Randsburg's glory days.

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  • Introduction
  • Randsburg, California - Circa 1896 - 1898
  • Earliest Known Photograph
  • Town Constable (Saloon Owner)
  • Stagecoach Arriving
  • The O.K. Lodging House
  • C. W. Tucker and Main Street Saloon
  • Loading Ore at the Yellow Astor
  • Tehachapi Milling and Trading
  • Rand Development Company
  • Stage Lines, Saloons & Construction
  • Saloons, Gambling Halls & Prostitutes
  • Rare Randsburg Winter
  • Randsburg 1897
  • Saloons and Stage Office
  • "Tent City"
  • C. W. Tucker Photographic Studio
  • Broadway Street
  • C. W. Tucker and Wife at Home
  • Amazing Activity on Butte Avenue
  • Randsburg Railway
  • C. W. Tucker's Home and Studio
  • Rebuilding After the Fire
  • Stagecoaches and Saloon
  • Snow Ball Fight and Construction.
  • Spring of 1897
  • Bird's Eye View
  • Saloons and Prostitutes
  • Excavation for first stamp mill
  • Dry Washing for Gold

    Retrieved 1/2/2019: Online Archive of California

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