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Lakes: Angeles National Forest
Littlerock, Ca.

Littlerock Reservoir

The Primary Purpose of the Little Rock Dam is to provide a water source to the Palmdale Water District. The Little Rock Recreation Area was financed through the Davis-Grunsky Act through the California Department of Water Resources to take advantage of the recreational opportunities provided by the reservoir and surrounding area.

Little Rock Creek also is home to a federally protected and endangered species, the Arroyo Toad. Additionally, there are heritage resources in the immediate vicinity. This resulted in a Forest Closure of areas upstream from the reservoir and of Little Rock Road.

Over the past several years, Southern California has been invaded by the Quagga Mussel, a major threat to the reservoir and to the entire Palmdale Water District water system and recreational use of the reservoir. Such an infestation could significantly increase customer water bills. The Quagga Mussel moves from place to place in microscopic form via boats, kayaks, canoes, trailers, motors, boating and swimming equipment, and even boots. It can live out of water for 10 days or more. Inspections and treatment are costly and can be ineffective. Therefore, in late 2009, in cooperation with the Palmdale Water District, the reservoir was closed to outside boating.

For years the recreation area has suffered from overcrowding, gang activities, illegal OHV activities, fence cutting, graffiti, destruction of government property, vandalism, shooting into buildings, people entering habitat and heritage areas, the inability of visitors to reserve picnic areas for planned events, no overnight activities including camping, people using the area without Adventure Passes, no OHV activities because of a lack of security, and inadequate staffing and maintenance.

In August 2001, The Forest Service announced: The district will seek out opportunities with the public sector to help develop reasonable and successful options to address the nighttime vandalism/graffiti, public safety and endangered species protection issues occurring in the LRA in an effort to restore overnight use of the area.

source - USFS

Littlerock reseroir aerial photo
Aerial photo of Littlerock Reservoir

View of Littlerock reservoir from Littlerock Dam
View of lake from dam

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