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Angeles National Forest:

Grassy Hollow

Grassy Hollow visitor center, San Gabriel National Monument

Grassy Hollow Visitor Center is located within the beautiful high country of the Big Pines Recreation Area near Inspiration Point. The Center is about six miles west of Wrightwood on the scenic Angeles Crest Highway (State Route 2).

Grassy Hollow Visitor Center was built to replace the Big Pines Visitor Center which was destroyed by arson fire in 1987. Because Big Pines is located at the intersection of two earthquake faults, the decision was made to rebuild the Visitor Center at Grassy Hollow.

The new Visitor Center at Grassy Hollow was opened in August of 1996. The spacious, open-beamed redwood building is surrounded by a deck from which visitors can experience panoramic views of the mountains and the valley below. A favorite of visitors is the southern portion of the deck which features a fully accessible bird viewing area that was designed with the help of the Audubon Society.

Grassy Hollow houses exhibits, including an extensive wildlife display, a gift shop and an information desk staffed by the Volunteers of the Angeles National Forest. The Center offers the visitor an engaging atmosphere in which to learn about the flora, fauna, and natural history of the San Gabriel Mountains.

At Grassy Hollow, visitors can also find information regarding nearby recreation opportunities. National Forest Adventure Passes, campfire permits, brochures, books, and various types of maps are available as well.

Surrounding the Visitor Center building is the Grassy Hollow picnic area where picnic tables, barbecues and restrooms provide a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. The Pacific Crest Trail is adjacent to the picnic grounds and Jackson Flat Group Campground is nearby.


* Snow play area

Source: USFS

Ecological setting:
Upper San Gabriel Mountains
... the higher and cooler parts of the San Gabriel Mountains. ...

Bob's Rock

This rock is a Migmatite. Migmatites are unique rocks in that they possess qualities of of both metamorphic and igneous rocks.

Many Migmatites form by the subduction of rocks deep in the earth. Here, the rocks are subjected to extreme pressures and high tempratures. At the phase, most minerals in the rock begin to melt.

The melted minerals compose the igneous portion of the rock. However, in the case of a Migmatites some of the minerals do not melt, and instead undergo metamorphism. The minerals that don't melt compose the compose the metamorphic portions of the rock.

When the rock is forced back towards the the surface of the earth, the melted potion of the rock cools and re-crystalizes. This process causes the unique 'flow-like' texture in the rock.

Dedicated to:
Robert S. Moore
Friend and Volunteer
Angeles National Forest

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