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Lakes: Antelope Valley

Elizabeth Lake

La Laguna Del Diablo, as it was known to the Spanish, was created by seismic activity. Without the intervention of man, the lake would ultimately become a grassy meadow, then fill-in with trees. A portion of the lake is owned by the U.S. Forest Service with the remainder being privately owned. A cave near the Rancho once encompassing the lake, was one of several hideouts used by bandito Tiburcio Vasquez.




Ecological Sections: Southern California Mountains and Valleys

Southern California Mountains and Valleys

This section includes mountains, hills and valleys of the Transverse Ranges and the Peninsular Ranges that are near the Pacific Ocean, but not bordering it. ...
    Subsection M262Bd

    San Gabriel Mountains

    This subsection comprises the lower and warmer parts of the San Gabriel Mountains, ... It is bounded by the Soledad River valley on the northwest and the San Fernando Valley on the southwest and extend eastward ...

Antelope Valley Map


They Are Killing All Large Fish in the Reservoirs

A few weeks ago a water dragon was seen by several parties in Elizabeth Lake, and from the fact some fabulous stories were started, but they were too utterly wild to be published in the Herald. That there was a monster in Elizabeth Lake is well attested. Such amphibious creatures, from time to time appear, but they are very scarce. A few years ago one of them appeared in tha rivers of Southern Indiana. Nothing has recently been seen of tha monster at Elizabeth Lake, but far the past three days a creature has taken up its abode in Reservoir No. 5, in East Los Angles, and has scared the courage out of tha fishermen at that place and destroyed all the large fish. Yesterday morning, while a gentleman was fishing at the dam near the discharge gate, a monster appeared on the scene beneath the surface of the water and the fish fled in wild affright, and there was no more fish to be caught on that day. There was a monstrous commotion and splashing In the water, which seethed and boiled and rolled in a chop sea violently. In a short time a copious amount of blood arose to the surface and covered a large area with a bright vermilion. There was evidently a submarine battle and some creature got hurt, bat the animals did not come to tha surface. The man in charge of the reservoir has observed frequent and violent commotions in tha water, but cannot describe the monsters. If there are monsters there it is evident that they are saurians that are sometimes called water dragons. The story of the flying saurian of Elizabeth Lake is believed by nobody. The flying saurian, if it ever existed, has been extinct for a milleninm of years. If there are sauriana in tha city they must have come from far and have been a long time on the road, as they travel rather slowly. The last seen, near Vincennee, Ind., was about five feet long, with a shockingly ugly head, a stump of a tail, and a body about the size of a child twelve years old. It was a very heavy animal, and made a hissing sound when discovered.

The matter will be investigated and life made a burden to the unexpected visitors unless they travel to other fields of food.

Daily Alta California, Volume 41, Number 13526, 10 September 1886
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