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Communities - Salt Lake Road

San Bernardino, CA

Photo of San Bernardino California from San Bernardino Mountains

Santa Fe Depot


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Mormon Pioneers

A Mormon party headed to San Bernardino in December, 1850 met William T. B. . ... The thieves were all well known, being San Bernardino "Mormons," a term ...

Silas Cox Chases Horse Thieves to San Diego

One victim of theft at the beginning of the war was young Silas Cox, who, upon returning to San Bernardino from a stay on the desert, learned from his ...

Captain Jefferson Hunt

Hunt, of San Bernardino (our guide from Salt Lake in 1849), ..... Hunt, the man who was hired in the fall of 1849 to bring the big train from Salt Lake to . ...

Desert Fever

He then legalized his claim by recording it in the San Bernardino County courthouse .... San Bernardino County is not only the largest county in California, ...

The Swarthouts - Mormon Pioneers

The December 20, 1938 issue of The Sun (A San Bernardino newspaper), gave the following praise of this man and his brothers that came to the area with him, ...

Pioneer of the Mojave

Added to this turmoil was the anti-U.S. climate in San Bernardino, ... With the onset of the Civil War, San Bernardino began to see an increase in . ...

Railroads of the Mojave Desert

Judge Boren urged the construction of a “railroad or otherwise” to connect San Bernardino with Anaheim. In September, Mr. L. F. Loveland, vice-president of ...

Citizens on Desert Left Unprotected

Henry Parrish and the Bemis brothers, all San Bernardino stockmen, ... John Mayfield, a San Bernardino rancher, was on his way to try his luck in the mines ...

Fort Piute, Fort Beale, Fort Piute Hill

The fort, actually a subpost of Camp Cady, was one of a chain of military stations erected to protect the travel route from San Bernardino across the Mojave ...

Timeline of History of the Mojave Desert

1826 Jedediah Smith explores a route across the Mojave from the Colorado River to San Bernardino 1827 The vanguard of a large party of fur trappers and ...

Mormon Battalion

The migration of Mormons to and from Salt Lake City through San Bernardino to San Diego re-established the Old Spanish Trail from Santa Fe to Pueblo de los ...

Pauline Weaver

From Father Kino's old rancho of San Bernardino near modern Douglas, Cooke's wagon ... From Appendix A - ...

Major General James Henry Carleton

Posts at San Bernardino Camp Dolores Camp Carleton, John Charles Fremont · Edward Fitzgerald Beale · James Henry Carleton ---- The Owens Valley Indian War . ...

Isaac Slover

By 1843, Slover had established himself and his family in California, settling near San Bernardino. He continued to trap and hunt in the region, ...

Mojave Desert - John Brown

The toll road was associated with John Brown from the very beginning, ... John Brown's daughter, Louisa, who married San Bernardino attorney Byron Waters, . ...

Mojave Desert - Chief Juan Antonio, Cahuilla Indian

Chief Juan Antonio and his band of Cahuilla Indians helped white settlers in the San Bernardino area defend their property and livestock against outlaws ...

San Bernardino County

San Bernardino County is not only the largest county in California, but it is the largest in the United States. As a county it has been uniquely endowed ...

Cajon Pass

Rest stop for Mormon travelers on the Mormon Road on the way to San Bernardino. Unusual sandstone rock formation created by San Andreas fault. ...

The San Andreas Fault, forecasting the Next Large Earthquake

Along the Earth's plate boundaries, such as the San Andreas fault, ... of other cities in San Bernardino, Riverside and Imperial counties in California. ...

Mormon Stockade


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