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Death Valley Geology

A Walk Through Time

Geology of Aguerreberry Point, Death Valley Geology
A rock formation is a body of rock of considerable extent with distinctive characteristics that allow geologists to map, describe, and name it.

The sample rocks in this tour are only "some" of the major geologic formations in the Death Valley area. Displayed in order from oldest to youngest, they show evidence of the complex geology of the area.

This tour can be physically taken at the Shoshone Museum in Shoshone, Ca. unless they threw these huge rocks away.

by permission - Bennie Wyatt Troxel

Bennie Wyatt Troxel (Geologist; b. 1920, d. 2017) was an esteemed geologist known for his contributions to the understanding of the geology of the western United States, particularly in California. Troxel's work significantly advanced knowledge of the geological formations and processes in this region.

Contributions and Achievements

Field Work:

Troxel was recognized for his extensive fieldwork, which involved detailed mapping and study of various geological formations. His efforts provided valuable data and insights that have been crucial for both academic research and practical applications in geology.

Publications and Research:

Throughout his career, Troxel authored and contributed to numerous scientific papers and reports that have been widely referenced in the geological community. His research often focused on stratigraphy, structural geology, and the tectonic history of California.

Educational Impact:

Beyond his field and research work, Troxel was also committed to education, teaching, and mentoring future geologists. His dedication to sharing knowledge helped cultivate a new generation of geologists equipped with a better understanding of geological processes and history.


Bennie Wyatt Troxel's legacy in geology is marked by his contributions to the scientific community's understanding of the complex geological landscape of California. His work continues to influence studies in regional geology, especially in areas such as Death Valley, where his findings on various formations help guide ongoing research and exploration.

Crystalline Basement Rock

(1.7 billion years)

Crystal Spring Formation

(1.2 billion years)


(1.1 billion years)

Beck Spring Dolomite

(1 billion years)

Kingston Peak Formation

(900+ million years)

Noonday Dolomite

(800+ million years)

Johnnie Formation

(600+ million years)

Wood Canyon Formation

(570 million years)

Stirling Quartzite

(540+ million years)

Bonanza King Formation

(500 million years)

Eureka Quartzite

(440 - 500 million years)

Tin Mountain Limestone

(300 - 400 million years)


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