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Providence Mountains

The Providence Mountains are a range of mountains located 28 miles north-northeast of Amboy. In 1775 Father Francisco Garces named the north end of the range Sierra de Santa Coleta (Mountains of St. Coleta). Providence first appeared on maps in 1857. In 1909 the U.S. Geological Survey divided the mountains into three sections; the northern portion is now the New York Mountains, the middle is now called Mid Hills, and the southern portion is still known as the Providence Mountains.*
map of Providence Mountains, Mojave National Preserve
*Source - Mojave Desert Dictionary

Providence Mountains - Lanfair Valley: Mojave Desert Ecological

Providence Mountains - Lanfair Valley. This subsection includes Lanfair Valley, the mountains surrounding it, the upper part of Fenner Valley, the mountains on ...

Gold and Iron in the Providence Mountains

Providence Mountains (Gold-Iron) The gold mines in the Providence Mountains that were first worked lay south of Foshay Pass, and were discovered as early as ...

Chemehuevi Indians of the Mojave Desert

The Chemehuevi territory lay off the lower Colorado River north and west toward Death Valley and west to about the Providence Mountains. A less populated ...

Providence Mines

Work was to begin at once on the Bonanza King, and negotiations for sale of their mines in the Providence Mountains were stopped. 93. On the Bonanza King, ...

Mitchell Caverns

Located in the heart of the Providence Mountains State Recreation Area at an elevation of 4,300 feet are the Mitchell Caverns. In the two caverns spectacular ...

Carbonate Rocks and Associated Landforms - Mojave Preserve ...

A small cavern occurs in brecciated carbonate rocks that crop out along an unnamed wash draining from the western Providence Mountains (8 miles directly ...

Mitchell Caverns

The Providence Mountains caves, like most limestone caves in other parts of the world, seem to have had a two-stage history. Most geologists who have studied ...

California Ghost Town - Providence

Providence is nestled in the side of the rugged Providence Mountains in the Mojave Preserve near Mitchell Caverns. Silver came from the Bonanza King Mine ...
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