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Desert Ghost Towns:
Panamint Valley

Ballarat Ghost Town

From 1897 to 1917 Ballarat served as a supply and recreation center for miners in the Panamint Mountains and Death Valley. Ballarat springs, cemetery, and remaining ruins of adobe, tin and wood buildings are featured. At its peak the remote outpost boasted 7 saloons, one school, and no churches. The ghost town is included in the list of Death Valley ghost towns but is not located in the park.


Around 1897 another town in the vicinity of Panamint rose to prominence. This was Ballarat, named for an important Australian gold camp near Melbourne. It was located one-half mile north of Post Office Spring, which had served as a communications center and overnight stop for prospectors during the Panamint boom. The main mine, the RadcHffe, produced 15,000 tons or more of ore from 1898 to 1903. From 1927 to 1942 its tailings were cyanided with a reported recovery value of one quarter of a million dollars in gold. 2 In 1941 the Ballarat Mining and Milling Corporation, a Nevada company, bought property in the Slate and Panamint ranges in San Bernardino and Inyo counties. A Los Angeles company intended to make exhaustive metallurgical tests, paving the way for a projected modern fifty-ton reduction mill south of town to perform custom work. An assay office and metallurgical laboratory were to be part of the complex, 3 and once again Ballarat would see a resurgence of mining activity.

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Ballarat, in the process of heavy construction, held much commercial importance in the area because of its central location and accessibility to miners in the adjacent mountains, its good water supply, and its proximity to the railroad. Mines in the Panamints were producing ore that could be easily milled or on which cyanide treatment was effective.

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Location and History. Ballarat is in south-central Inyo County on the west flank of the Panamint Range and just west of Death Valley National Monument. It was named for the Ballarat mining district in Australia. It includes the South Park area to the south. The old silver-mining camp of Panamint City is just to the north. The Ratcliff mine, the largest gold source in the district, was discovered in 1897, and considerable mining activit)' lasted until about 1915. The mines were active again from 1927 until 1942, and there has been intermittent prospecting and development work since. Geology. The district is underlain by schist, dolomitic limestone, and gneiss of Precambrian age, which in places have been cut by granitic dikes. The ore deposits consist of quartz veins containing free gold and occasionally abundant sulfides.

Mines. Cecil R., Knob, Lestro Mountain, Lotus, Porter, Ratcliff $1.3 million-1-, Thorndyke, World Beater.

California Division of Mines and Geology
Sacramento, California, 1970

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