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Death Valley Slideshow/Photo Tours

Artists Palette
Geologic color display

Charcoal Kilns
Charcoal kilns high up in Wildrose Canyon

Mosaic Canyon
Smooth marble contrasts with angular composites in this outdoor museum

Eureka Mine
Worked for over 40 years

Salt Creek
Home of rare Salt Creek Pupfish

Devil's Golf Course
Salt formations in ancient lake bottom

Badwater Death Valley, lowest point in the western hemisphere

Zabriskie Point
Dynamic sunrise vista point

Ashford Mill
Abandoned mill at southern end of Death Valley

Ubehebe Crater
Maar volcano only about 3,000 years old

Devil's Cornfield
Arrowweed clumps resembling corn shocks

Harmony Borax Works
Saltmarsh borate refining plant

Death Valley Dunes
Tour of the tall sand dunes

Death Valley Dunes
Tour of the low sand dunes

Scotty's Castle
Majestic home of the legendary Death Valley Scotty

Dante's View
About a mile above Badwater is Dante's View. Panoramic vistas of the Death Valley

Large Nevada ghost town west of Beatty near Death Valley

Recreation, supplies and entertainment for miners in Panamint Mountains

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