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Nevada - Communities

Goldfield Nevada

Goldfield, Nevada, is a fascinating historic town that experienced its peak during the early 20th century as part of the Nevada gold rush. Here's a brief overview of its history:

Founding and Gold Rush

Goldfield was founded in 1902, in an area where gold was discovered by two prospectors, Harry Stimler and William Marsh. The discovery quickly led to a mining boom, attracting thousands of people seeking fortunes.

Boom Years

From 1903 to 1940, Goldfield was a thriving community. In its heyday around 1906, the town had a population of about 20,000 people. It was Nevada's largest city at the time and boasted modern amenities such as telephone service, newspapers, a hospital, and the Goldfield Hotel, one of the most opulent hotels in the West.

Economy and Infrastructure

The economic base was primarily gold mining, and Goldfield's mines were among the richest gold mines in the world. The town was served by several railroads, including the Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad and the Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company.


The decline of Goldfield began after World War I, as the ore began to deplete. The population dwindled, mining slowed, and economic activity decreased significantly. A major fire in 1923 destroyed a large part of the town, further contributing to its decline.

Present Day

Today, Goldfield is a shadow of its former self, with a population of a few hundred people. It is often visited for its ghost towns and remains a point of interest for those fascinated by the history of the Old West. The town has preserved several historical buildings, including the Goldfield Hotel and the Esmeralda County Courthouse, reflecting its rich past.

Goldfield's story is a classic example of the boom-and-bust cycles that characterized many mining towns in the American West. Its legacy is kept alive by historians, preservationists, and tourists intrigued by its dramatic history and enduring structures.

Elevation: 5,689 ft
Population: 440

Goldfield Hotel

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