Pacific Crest Trail
The Trail

Deep Creek - Hot Springs
Following the trail east, up from the Mojave River Forks
Mojave River Forks - Silverwood Lake
From the confluence, west to the lake.
Cajon - Blue Ridge
West from Cajon Junction to Blue Ridge and the Angeles National Forest
Wrightwood - Cajon
Continuing east from Wrightwood to the west boundary of the Cajon pass
Grassy Hollow - Wrightwood
Hiking east from Grassy Hollow to Wrightwood.
Vincent Gap to Mt Baden-Powell
Ascend to the peak from an elevation of 6,565 feet to 9,399 feet above sea level
Mt Islip - Cloudburst
(West/North - Canada)
Cloudburst - Mt Islip
(East/South - Mexico)

Cloudburst - Aliso Springs
(West/North - Canada)
Aliso Springs - Cloudburst
(East/South - Mexico)

Along The Trail
Vasquez Rocks
Lamil Springs
Limber Pines
Mt Baden-Powell Peak
Vincent's Cabin
Lost Lake
Mormon Rocks
Silverwood Lake
Lake Adelaide
Deep Creek Hot Springs
Angeles Crest Scenic Highway
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